Thursday, 5 May 2022

The Divine Comedy

 Yesterday was a busy day with meetings: meeting personal tutees, then a session of the department Equality Diversity and Inclusion committee.  Straight from that into my weekly research group catch-up meeting, then straight to a parent information briefing from the University nursery where my son goes, then a call with the research student office to help fill in some paperwork for a new PhD student, then a final year project student meeting in my office followed by an online chat with a placement student of ours who is working at JLab in the US.  As soon as that was over, a whole-research-group strategy meeting.  It was definitely a case of eating lunch al desko.

 So, it was a nice end of the day to take a train up to London to see the band The Divide Comedy at the London Palladium.  I'm not sure if I've ever been there before.  It's a bit of a bigger venue than for most bands I tend to see, but a friend had a spare ticket and I like the band so I went along, and very enjoyable it was.  I don't consider myself a super-fan, but I first heard them around the time they started ~30 years ago, when my then-girlfriend bought a single of theirs which I most remember because it had a cover version of The Throwing Muses' Hate My Way on one side.  This somewhat obscure cover of a somewhat obscure song from a limited edition picture disc EP is certainly not something they played in their kind of greatest hits show last night, but I looked up the song online, and here it is.  A picture from last night's show is at the top

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