Friday, 6 May 2022

Departmental Colloquium Series: Michelle Collins

 I've just got back from Michelle Collins' excellent talk as the first speaker in a new colloquium series being organised in the Department of Physics by Payel Das and Jack Henderson.  These are supposed to be accessible research talks given to a whole-department audience as a way of bringing us together after the lockdown period, and as a way for us to better know what we each get up to research-wise.  Who knows, maybe it will start some new collaboraitons?  Michelle talked about dwarf galaxies as a way to understand the dark matter structure of the universe.  There were lots of pretty pictures taken with telescopes, though I think it did need guidance from the expert eye to understand the significance of blurry patches of the starfields which to me were just ... blurry patches.

Here's the view from where I sat.  I went fairly far back because I was going to sit and do some emails.   The talk, though, was too interesting, and I left the emails until after both the talk, and writing this blogpost about it!  

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