Thursday, 12 May 2022

New paper up on quantum computing

A new paper from my PhD student Isaac, me, and the other co-supervisor appeared (or "dropped" as the young people say) on the arXiv this morning.  It's somewhat broad title "Quantum Computing for Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Data" is to some extent due to the fact that the paper is a conference proceeding associated with a poster presentation of the same name, presented at a very general quantum technologies conference (SPIE Quantum Technologies 2022).

The content is a bit more specific, and deals with a couple of examples of applying the variational quantum eigensolver algorithm to nuclear Hamiltonians.  Both the examples we look at have been explored on quantum computer already, but we show the results of using a different, more compact, mapping from the Hamiltonian to the qubit representation, and a method for finding excited states with a variational methtod (by minimizing the variance of the Hamiltonian with respect to the parameters in the trial wave function).  The paper is not a full description of everything Isaac has done or is working on, but the kind of work-in-progress conference paper you might expect to be associated with a poster presentation.  It's nice to have our name out there as a group working on quantum computing algorithms in nuclear physics.  Will be interesting to see what response it gets.

Here's a picture showing the energy as a function of two variational parameters in the wave function ansatz we used for one of the problems we were looking at (the deuteron ground state):

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