Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Online seminars during the coronavirus epidemic

My 3yo son, realising that many things are cancelled at the moment, asked me this morning "is working from home cancelled?"  Alas not.  As it looks like we'll all be working from home for at least a couple of months, various schemes seem to have popped up to start research seminars that are given over the newly dominant teleconferencing platform, Zoom.  

The nuclear reaction theory community has started a series of seminars, detailed on https://reactionseminar.github.io. I wasn't aware of it when the first seminar was given, but I plan to attend future seminars.  One will be given by my Surrey colleague Natasha Timofeyuk.  I'm not aware of a similar initiative by the nuclear structure theory community (structure + reactions is a traditional way of dividing up low-energy theoretical nuclear physics, though I sit in both camps).  I would certainly join one if it started, though I'm not quite keen enough to start such a project by myself.

Based at CERN there is a series called Seminar on Precision Physics and Fundamental Symmetries which includes nuclear physics, but is broader than that.  There will be two seminars per week (Tuesday and Thursday at times to suit the speaker) starting today: https://indico.cern.ch/category/12183/.

If anyone knows of any more, please advertise them in the comments below.

That's my son who asked the question in the picture, during one of our daily permitted excursions for exercise.  It was at the weekend when the weather was very cold, and a streak of hailstone is caught in the picture too.

edit: Thanks to JINA-CEE for responding to me tweeting this blogpost.  They point out their online seminars in nuclear astrophysics.  See https://www.jinaweb.org/events and look for the events tagged "IReNA online seminar"

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