Friday, 20 March 2020

Coronavirus 20th March

Today is the last day that the University is operating roughly as normal, at least in terms of teaching undergraduates.  We've been teaching as normal this week, and from next week everything is to be done remotely.  For me, this is relatively easy, as this is my light teaching semester, when I only have project supervision to do.  Today is also the last day my middle two children are at school (oldest already been off since beginning of week and youngest is only a few months old, so no school for him anyway).

I'm all set up with a University-issue headset, and I've done my first meeting with the Zoom teleconferencing software, so I feel more or less able to go with working from home.  The difficult thing will be getting anything done while in the same house as my family, with young children.  We'll just have to see how that goes. 

My parents made it home from Spain in a mad dash last weekend.  They had gone their for a 1-month holiday on the car ferry via Bilbao.  They drove back over the period of 2 days getting through France just before the borders within Europe were generally shut (though they might still have let people through to return to their homes, I think).  It's a relief that they are at home.

The FaceBook group I set up in the nearby roads has had lots of people join it.  For now no-one has requested help with things like getting groceries, but I expect that will change if things carry on like they do, with more and more people being asked to self-isolate at home. 

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