Sunday, 15 March 2020

Coronavirus 15th March

Here are some photos from my nearby branch of Waitrose:

They show where the pasta usually is, where the toilet rolls usually are, and where the baby wipes normally would be.  Panic buying has hit Guildford.  It's a bit dispiriting to see, and to realise that at the first sign of a social difficulty, in the form of the effects of people having to self-isolate because of the Coronavirus, is that people go and take more from the supermarkets than they need, thus depriving others.  There were a couple of things on my shopping list that I couldn't get (Lemsip, baby wipes (and I actually have a baby that needs wiping)) but I'll manage without, and will probably be able to pick them up when they are re-stocked.  But still, a bit sad.

It's Monday tomorrow, and my flexible working arrangement mean that I work compressed hours, which involves me staying at home on Mondays to spend time with my #1 son.  As a bonus, my #2 daughter's school has just (at 23:15) emailed to say it will be closed tomorrow because a staff member has developed symptoms consistent with Coronavirus infection.  Aside from looking after kids, my other plan is to make and distribute leaflets to all the houses in my block to set up a network where people who need help shopping (for example) because they are self-isolating get the help.  Hopefully it will not much be needed, but it would be awful if it were needed and it wasn't there.

On the plus-side, Waitrose had loads of half kilo "Essential" tiramisu, and on special offer too:

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