Wednesday, 1 April 2020

My first remote PAC

My working from home today consisted of participating in the Jyväskylä accelerator laboratory Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) where were review proposals for beamtime and then make recommendations to the laboratory for how to allocate resources requested in the proposals.  The hosts in Finland graciously moved the start time of the meeting to 10:15am Finnish time, so 8:15am UK time, and we had a good meeting, in terms of getting through the agenda with the same diligence as when we all attend the meeting in Jyväskylä in person.  We missed the peripheral, but still nice, and still important parts of the meeting.  The full social exchange, the visiting another country and interacting with it and people there outside the meeting, the chatting to colleagues working in the physics department at the University there during the breaks in the meeting, the nice meal afterwards... But the meeting did work well, and we saved our carbon emissions.  I also had less time away from my family.  Indeed since we are in our extended lock-in, my 3yo son even decided to spend some of the meeting sitting on my lap.  I hope, though, on balance, to be able to have the next meeting in person.

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