Tuesday, 2 March 2021

EMC-SRC Workshop 22-26 March

 Last time I posted I mentioned the overlapping conferences in April that I plan to attend.   I got an email today about another interesting one taking place this month via Zoom, organised from Jefferson Lab in Virginia, USA.  It's a workshop on short-range correlations and the EMC effect.  This is to do with the way protons and neutrons inside the nucleus look different to free protons and neutrons, and how this shows up in scattering experiments of the sort that take place at Jefferson Lab. 

While it'd be interesting for me - and educational, since it is a bit far from my usual interests - the fact that it is a bit of an aside from that tasks that press me means I can't justify attending.   But I wish the organisers and participants every success! 

As a picture for this post, here's me outside Jefferson Lab in 2019 when I was visiting a student on his MPhys placement year.  The student was working on trigger systems for the experiments that support the Hall D physics programme at JLab, in particular to understand the magnetic structure within the nucleons.

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