Saturday, 29 January 2022

Having Covid-19

 I managed to get this far before getting Covid, but with four children in four different schools, and with three of the children under 12 and hence not vaccinated (since that is the regulation in the UK) it seemed only a matter of time until we got it.  It seems to have been rife in my 5yo's school, and we tested him, even though he did not have symptoms before sending him to a trampolining party in an encolsed space.  He tested positive, was pretty stoical about it, even about missing the party, and he is now the first to get through the other side and testing negative again.  Meanwhile, I and my partner have it.  It has been hard work both being ill at the same time and having to keep the kids home because of the Covid in the house, all the while trying to get through a few most-vital work tasks.  

The line on my own lateral flow tests is fading, and according to the UK rules I can return to society on Tuesday no matter what (even if testing positive).  I see in the national statistics of case number that though we are past the recent peak, we are sitting on a smaller peak, or shoulder to the main peak which seems to me to be thanks to schools going back after Christmas, with younger years having no masks, no vaccinations and really no precautions at all.