Friday, 22 November 2019

This is the Kit

This blog's quietude over the last month has been largely due to this being the time of year when my teaching and administrative duties are concentrated.  Not that this means I can't find the time to pass on some nuclear physics news, or more personal musings, via this blog, but I haven't done so.  Partly this is due to a kind of depression at the state of politics in the UK right now (which is a whole blog post in itself).  The other reason I've been preoccupied is trying to ensure I get everything I need to done before my son is born. It's not necessarily ever possible to "get everything done I need to" because there is always more stuff to do, but in any case, the arrival yesterday of a boy, Kit, means that I am going on paternity leave from Monday.  Here he is, being hugged by two of his his siblings, and with a bit of head support from mum: