Thursday, 25 February 2021

Spring conferences in Edinburgh and Michigan, but really from home

 This year's IoP Nuclear Physics conference is going ahead, hosted by the group (Edinburgh) who were due to host it last year before it was cancelled.  I was all set up with accommodation booked for the conference last year, which I managed to cancel.  This year, I am also all set up with accommodation, since it is my home from where I will attend the conference remotely. 

The deadline for abstracts is tomorrow (see conference website) 26th Feb, and I will be submitting an updated version of the one I used for the IoP Twitter Poster Conference which ran last July.  Here's a plot of the calculations - octupole states

One of the upsides, or downsides, of remote attendance to conferences is that I can also attend another conference at the same time:  This one is called the Sixth International Conference for Young Quantum Information Scientists and is being held at Michigan State University in the USA.  This is related to the part of my research on quantum algorithms for nuclear physics.  

In case anyone was wondering, this note from the conference, particularly the bit in brackets, is relevant to me: "Registration is free and open to everyone (you do not need to be a young researcher to register). "

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