Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Back to the old house

After a week off of work, it's off to Tennessee for me.  Oak Ridge, where I'm heading first, is my old stomping ground - hence the title of this post and its musical accompaniment.  Unlike the song, I do like going back, though it does always evoke memories going back to somewhere I spent quite a few years living.  My trip to Oak Ridge will be pretty fleeting - for a couple of days to give an invited seminar to the Physics Division - but followed by my first ever visit to Nashville, to visit a friend and collaborator at Vanderbilt University.  For some strange reason, when living in Oak Ridge, I never did make it to Nashville, despite making road trips as far afield as New York City and New Orleans... Still, finally fixing that, 

No doubt I will have cause to include musical accompaniments to my blog posts when in Nashville that are a little different to The Smiths.

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