Saturday, 30 November 2013

Pairing scheme

I sort of like that my current teaching duties are such that they are condensed into one semester.  It's nice to do it all in a burst of condensed activity.  Or at least, so I tell myself - in reality, right now I seem most unfortunately busy, with various other things on top of the teaching taking up a lot of time.  This semester has also included the preparation of paperwork for re-accreditation of our degrees by the Institute of Physics, and we had a good visit from them last week, and also the analogous periodic review of courses from the University.  As chair of the Board of Studies, it's my job to prepare both these things.  It's no accident I'm writing about it late into Saturday night.

So, it's a crazily busy time for me, and I'm about to top this off by spending the next week away from the university to take part in the Royal Society Pairing Scheme, which aims to pair scientists up with MPs or Civil Servants to give us each an insight into the life of the other.  I'm really looking forward to it, though tomorrow, when I go up to London to take part, seems so infinitely far after the time at which I have to submit the periodic review.  No doubt, tomorrow will arrive soon and I'll be hobnobbing around the Houses of Parliament looking like an out-of-place physicist.  Plus ça change.

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