Monday, 18 November 2013

Films & A job in Liverpool

So, I didn't follow up my post from Saturday with a review of the rest of the films I watched.  If I'd have stayed to the end and watched Pandora's Promise, I might have done so, but the few films I watched after A is for Atom are probably not worth reviewing in any great detail, being biopics of a few individuals who feel (probably justifiably) aggrieved by the consequences of nuclear accidents, but with little scientific basis behind them.  Not that that makes them definitely incorrect, but still - a little hard to believe. 

In other news - while it's only been a month since I mentioned a job advertising a post in theoretical nuclear physics,  I note that a job in nuclear physics is being advertised at the University of Liverpool.  It all looked promising at first, with the opening line "We are seeking to recruit an outstanding individual in Nuclear Physics," but there turns out to a minor kind of category mistake by the author, as despite all the talk of nuclear physics, they go on to say "You should have a PhD in Nuclear Physics, an excellent research track record in experimental nuclear physics and an excellent publication record." (my underlining).

Too bad that they will not even consider applicants with excellent track records in theoretical nuclear physics - but not a surprise.  

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