Monday, 19 October 2020

Open Access Royal Society (one week only)

While we wait for all academic publishing to be properly open access, Royal Society Publishing have kindly opened up their pretty extensive archive for free for the next week.  See here

They do not have an extensive amount of nuclear physics stuff, but they are currently my publishing BFF because they published my student's article on Terrell rotations earlier this year, whcih I may have metioned here beforeMore than once. In fact, more than twice.  Well, modesty prohibits me from linking to the paper again, but that's okay because there are lots of other articles of interest, dating back, of course, many centuties.  

If anyone has any favourite articles from Proceedings of the Royal Society, or the Philosophical Transactions, please do share in the comments. 

Here's a snapshot of some sketches by William Herschel, from Philosophical Transactions, vol 74, p233 (1784)


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