Wednesday, 16 September 2020


 The document format pdf is pretty good when you want to make nice-looking output for printing for your scientific paper.  It's not always so handy when you want to read something on e.g. your phone screen, though, where you have to do a combination of zooming in and scrolling around to be able to read a paper.

A nicely-formated html version of a scientific paper, on the other hand, should be able to render nicely on a wider range of screens, and these days reading from screen has largely superseded reading from paper for me.  I read on Twitter about an arxiv-to-html translator called arxiv-vanity.  You give it an arxiv URL and it returns a nice readble web-page version of the paper you are interested in.  

I tried it on the recent whitepaper / review I was involved in writing on fission theory and the results are impressive.  Perhaps arxiv will fold it into its own offering soon.  

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