Wednesday, 4 September 2019

European Few Body Conference

At The Univerity of Surrey we are hosting (and organising) the 24th European Few-Body Conference.  Its topics cross nuclear, atomic, and solid state physics;  any place where a many-body problem can be considered a few-body problem, with the resulting related set of mathematical techniques for solving them across the physics sub-fields.

Running a conference in ones own institution means competing with other day-job activities.  I have four MSc projects doing projects this summer who need meeting, and I only work on 4 weekdays, having a day with my children on Mondays.  So today is the first day I'll be able to attend all the sessions, and we've started with a talk on hyperons -- protons or neutrons in which one (or more) quarks have been replaced by strange quarks. 

On Monday, I thought I'd bring the kids along for the coffee break to see the conference.  They quite liked the lecture theatre chairs with the little desktops fitted into the armrests, though they do look a little bored in the picture I took that I've put in this post.  I'm presenting a poster tomorrow on the triple-alpha reaction -- work started by a BSc project student last year.

By the way; when I say above "we are [...] organising" I really mean that Natasha Timofeyuk is organising, and the rest of the committee are playing bit parts.  My bit is mainly sorting out the proceedings;  a job which is about to start getting busy, assuming anyone submits their papers.

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