Friday, 2 November 2018

COMEX6: Days 2-5

After writing a post following the first day of the COMEX6 conference, I've not given a day-by-day account, and now the conference is coming to an end.  I'm glad I came.  I have a to-do list (consisting of 22 items) based on things I have heard in the presentations, people I've talked to, ideas that have come to me based on discussions between the attendees.  I always come away from conferences full of ideas and enthusiasm, and the trick is now to follow at least some of it up to keep the momentum going.

Last night was the conference dinner.  I was a bit aghast when I learnt that the earliest coach leaving back for the hotel would be at 11pm.  That's well past my bedtime these days.  But it was all fine.  I'm not at my most comfortable in social situations, but I had a good time, and the vegetarian food options were really good (excepting amuse bouche of oysters, which I did not let amuse my bouche).  There was enforced fun in the form of group drumming.  I wasn't taking a video of that because I was drumming, but the attached video is an excerpt of the professional drummer who was part of the team leading the fun. 

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