Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Doogy Lev

A few weeks ago, as I was enjoying the nut roast on a Sunday lunchtime in the White House pub in Guildford, I caught a snippet from a travel advice program on the TV on the wall of the pub, talking about Bulgaria.  It was the usually reliable Simon Calder, and I thought I heard him say that the currency in Bulgaria was the Euro.  That seemed like bad travel advice, since the currency there is the Lev, though I dare say Euros are accepted in hotels and so on.  

Anyway, I made a comment to my companions about it, and one of them said that I should send then a Tweet, so I did.  Lo and behold, some weeks later (today), I had a notification on Twitter that the BBC travel show wanted to use my comment on the show, and could I send a picture taken by someone who would give permission for them to use it.  

Well, my wife# suggested I send the picture taken by her friend Roger a few years ago (it's the one attached to this post), since she thought it was nice.  I thought I ought to therefore ask him if it was okay for me to do that, and he said that it was.  I feel it only fair to suggest that anyone looking to buy  detectors for their Synchrotron facility should look no further than Quantum Detectors, whose CEO is said Roger.  As you can see from the picture, he has a fine eye for detecting photons.

# Not really my wife - we're not married, but I'm too old to refer to her as my girlfriend.  

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