Tuesday, 25 March 2014


A new blog has been set up here at the University of Surrey, on which I have write-access.  I have yet to write anything there, but when I am struck to write something which is a bit more about Higher Education than nuclear physics, then that is probably where it will go.  Other more erudite people than me will also be writing there, and indeed already have started.

The blog is called STAGgering, a fun play on the fact that the University is on a site called Stag Hill, and the stag features in the University's logo.  Ostensibly it's about this particular university, but I expect the there will be lots of stuff about the higher education scene in general, so if that's your thing, then please add it to your list of blogs to follow.

The picture with this post is a rather old one, from the early days of the University.  I think the fence you can see in the background is fencing off some building work of what is now the Guildford Court residence block.  The picture is from the great website uossnaps, set up by a past student to share old photos and memories of the place.  

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