Saturday, 28 March 2015

Spring back, fall forward

The clocks are changing in the UK tonight.  There's a mnemonic, supposedly helpful, about the direction in which to change the clocks.  It goes "spring forward, fall back."  I expect we are sufficiently familiar enough nowadays with the term fall for autumn, but I've always found it just as plausible to think of the phrase "spring back, fall forward" as being just as natural.

Some very scientific research (# of Google hits) tells me:

Spring Forward: About 71,200,000 results
Spring Back: About 296,000,000 results

Fall Forward: About 718,000,000 results
Fall Back: About 295,000,000 results

I can work out which way we do it with a little thought, and knowledge behind the rationale on which it's done, but my mnemonic way of doing it is to remember that there is a payoff for the bad transition and a slight downer on the good transition:  As it goes to winter, at least we get another hour of sleep.  As we go to summer, we lose an hour of sleep.  So, tonight, we lose an hour.  In my case, I guess it means my daughter will get me up at 7, rather than 6.

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