Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ready for IoP conference 2015

It's approaching the Easter break, so it's time for the annual Institute of Physics Nuclear Physics conference.  Last year I chaired the conference, so this year's will be a more relaxed affair for me.  It's in Manchester, and it's being co–hosted with the particle physics conference, so there'll be an opportunity to go to some sessions on particle physics should the mood take me.  

Today, the seven Surrey students who are talking at the conference gave practice talks and we had a lively session watching and listening to them, then asking questions and giving them feedback.  I'm speaking too, on Tuesday, so if you're there, please come along to my session!  Full details on the conference website.

It'll be nice to have a few days in Manchester.  I illustrate this post with a shot of Canal Street – one of Manchester's famous spots for a good time in the evening.  I might not make it there, travelling with my one-year-old daughter, but she'd probably rather like it.

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