Tuesday, 21 July 2020

A paper in IoP SciNotes on generating ion-ion potentials

I have had a paper published today in (new) journal IoP SciNotes.  It's on how to use the existing Sky3D code (written by a collaboration including me) with some small modifications to be able to do something it was not particularly designed for:  Generating the interaction potential between two nuclei.  The paper is referred to as P. D. Stevenson, IOP SciNotes 1, 025201 (2020).

This new journal, SciNotes, is supposed to be for research outputs which are perhaps not worthy of a full paper, but things that should nevertheless be out there.  Seemed like an appropriate place to document how to make a (very minor) tweak to a published code to do something new with it.  Here's a picture of the potential between two oxygen–16 nuclei made for the paper.

The method, by the way, uses an approximation called the Frozen Hartree-Fock approximation.  It may or may not be a brilliant approximation depending on your needs.  There are some references in the paper / note for further discussion of this points. 

This is the first single-author paper that is not a conference proceeding that I have published since 2003, I think.

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