Monday, 21 October 2019

Prize-winning 288 Bar and Wok

I often buy the Observer on Sundays and usually don't read the Food Monthly magazine on those weeks when it appears.  Yesterday, however, I did open it to enjoy reading about the prize given to 288 Bar and Wok in Cheltenham in Observer Food Monthly's awards, in the category "Best Cheap Eats".  The owners, Jody and Pak Wai Hung are friends of mine, dating back to school days, where I first met Jody.  We haven't been brilliant at keeping in touch (story of my life) but we stayed with them a couple of years ago when we were in Cheltenham and had a lovely couple of days with them and their family.  And lots of great food.

One of the other winners of an award (in the category of Best Food Personality) is Jamie Oliver.  I half-knew Jamie from school.  He was in the year below me, and I certainly knew who he was, but I can't claim that we were friends.  I knew his wife Jools a bit better, as she came to my school in the sixth form (like Jody did - it was a boys school up to sixth form) and was then in the same year as me.  

It's a funny coincidence for a so-so state comprehensive school in Essex that I doubt very many people have picked up on, that it produced two winners in this years Observer Food Monthly awards.  Anyway, congratulations to Jody, Pak Wai, and Jamie.

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