Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Picketing at –7ºC

It was cold this morning.  –7ºC, at least according to my phone (edit:  According to a BBC News story, the lowest recorded temperature, of –11.7ºC, was just down the road in Farnborough) .  That didn't stop a good turnout for the picket in the ongoing strike to protect (what's left of) our pensions.  Here are a fine selection of tweets with pictures of those trying to protect Higher Education for the future:  from @gleet_tweet (me), @AbrahamsJJ, and @deniserkal.

Yesterday, the employers' group UUK agreed to meet the union for talks at ACAS.  That, I hope, indicates that the strike may be called off soon, and we can all get back to work.  

I learnt yesterday (via a tweet from @DrJSims) that in the past, the USS pension fund was considered do be doing so well that the employers took a bunch of money out of it, as the fund was so abundant that it could afford it.  Perhaps it's time to pay that money back?

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