Monday, 8 February 2016

Second prize in a beauty contest

Sometimes I repost news here concerning my employers, the University of Surrey, especially when it relates to things of interest to the topic of the blog.  Here's something completely off-topic, but which I thought I'd pass on anyway.  As reported by the Antigua Observer, a graduate of the University of Surrey won second place in a beauty contest (I don't know if he won £10).  There were several categories on which the contestants were judged.  Given the picture, with our graduate on the right, it's a surprise to me that he did not come first in the magnificent wear category.  I think his outfit is splendid.

I also like how the language in the story uses the verb cop in the headline.  Though a perfectly acceptable usage in standard British English, I don't think it's a word I'd expect to see ever in a British newspaper, used in that way.  Lovely.

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