Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Upcoming Guildford Talks

Dr Suzie Sheehy, coming to Guildford on 10th Feb
I organise the Institute of Physics South Central Branch talks which are hosted at the University of Surrey, Guildford.  

If you live within striking distance, and fancy attending some free evening physics talks, aimed at a general audience, then here are the upcoming ones that are organised.  They all take place in Lecture Theatre D at the University of Surrey.  Further details available on the IoP Branch Calendar, or for individual events via the Facebook event links below, where you can optionally register interest / start discussions.

• 10/02/2016: "Five Things you Should Never do with a Particle Accelerator" -- Suzie Sheehy (Oxford).  

Particle accelerators are some of the most advanced machines on the planet. They incorporate an impressive range of cutting-edge technology to do what seems like a simple job – to give subatomic particles energy. So what would happen if we tried to use them in unexpected ways? With the help of demonstrations, accelerator physicist Dr. Suzie Sheehy will discuss her top five things you should never do with a particle accelerator and a few things you definitely should. [ facebook event page ]

• 16/03/2016: "Gamma-rays: Imaging the Invisible" -- Laura Harkness-Brennan (Liverpool)

The ability to accurately detect and locate sources of gamma-rays has importance in the fields of medicine, the energy industry, security and environmental monitoring.  Examples include earlier detection of cancer, decommissioning nuclear power plants and monitoring uptake of radiation by plans, which is important in fallout areas such as near Fukushima.  This talk will outline the latest research being carried out by the University of Liverpool to develop new techniques for gamma-ray imaging. [ facebook event page ]

• 11/05/2016: "Mathematics and Reality" -- Mary Leng (York)

Blurb for this one to come, but Mary is a philosopher of Mathematics, who will talk about the nature of mathematics and its ability to represent an objective reality (or something like that.  I'll post her own words in advertisement when I have solicited it from her).

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