Thursday, 3 December 2015

Coming and going

I see that we (by which I mean the Univeristy of Surrey) have appointed a new Vice Chancellor.  The lucky person is G. Q. Max Lu, currently provost of the University of Queensland.  Exciting times for us.  The email telling us about our new VC mentions that his background is in nanotechnology.  I guess that is good news for the physicists in the university, though it's debatable whether you really want a VC in your own field.

As Prof Lu arrives, so leaves the guy in the office next to me.  Alan Dalton, also a nanotechnology person, is off to the University of Sussex, which is near, but not within walking distance of, Brighton (so, really, Surrey is a better place to come and study since you can at least walk into town).  My wife was kind enough to order me a T-shirt online a few years ago which says "no, I don't know where Alan is" based on the number of students who knock on my door asking me if I know where Dr Dalton is.   I guess I will have to retire the T-shirt.  I should also mention that Alan claims that he has to answer a lot of students who knock on his door asking if they know where I am.  Touch√©

That's Alan in the picture.

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