Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Week in Kyoto

I've been spending this week at the Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics at the University of Kyoto in Japan as part of a long-term (running over many weeks) workshop on theoretical nuclear physics. 

I'm here for just one week of it (this week, obv.). It's been a proper workshop -- with actual discussion,  and I've got lots of good ideas from the discussion and some plans for immediate collaborations with others, so it's been worthwhile from a physics point of view.

I also like coming to Japan.  It's a nice country to visit.  Not always easy for people such as me who haven't learnt Japanese, but that's not quite an obstacle enough in the big cities.  Of course, I should learn Japanese if I ever become a more regular visitor.

By chance, the particular week I am here includes the Jidai festival, which happens on 22nd Oct every year.  It celebrates the history of Japan, and happens in Kyoto because it is was the capital city of Japan for ~1000 years before that role passed to Tokyo in the nineteenth century.  The picture in this post shows a snap I took from the procession.  I could in principle be out now watching more of it, and the firework sounds are pretty loud in my hotel room, but I'm calling this bed-time.  

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