Friday, 26 June 2015

Performance Analysis Workshop

We're by a weir on the Wear
Today and yesterday, I've been attending a Performance Analysis Workshop.  This is not a training course designed to help me conduct staff appraisals, but a computational workshop teaching me how to use some tools to analyse if my codes are running efficiently when I put them on big machines and run them in parallel mode, using many processors at the same time to share the work.

The course appealed to me as it included plenty of time in it to do some hands–on work actually at the workshop, with the help of the course presenters, and tutors, into analysing my own code.  That's been really useful, whereas I think if I attended, learned some rather abstract things (or looked at some pre-set simple examples of codes) then went away and tried it with my code, it would not have worked so well.

The workshop is taking place in Durham.  Also taking place in Durham today and yesterday are graduation ceremonies, which helps explain why the closest hotel room I could get for this trip is in Newcastle.

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