Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Oslo Method

I'm in Oslo this week for a workshop on gamma–ray strength and level density -- essentially the study of how strongly nuclei respond to being hit by gamma rays, as a function of the gamma ray energy, and what you can tell about nuclear structure through it.  They are experts on the topic here in Oslo, performing experiments with their cyclotron and deducing the gamma strength and level density using the Oslo Method, which sounds like a Cold War thriller. 

I came because I've been involved a bit in calculating strength functions, so I've come to advertise my method to the community.  The code I use to do it has been published and is available for anyone to use, so hopefully my talk will spur some applications of the code.  I also came for the excellent buffet, presented on Monday evening, as shown in the picture.

I started the #oslogamma hashtag on Twitter which has been picked up by a few other participants, so if you are reading this post in the week that I posted it, then you can follow a bit of live-tweeting.

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