Monday, 2 September 2013

But the days grow short when you reach September

Well, it's September already.  I've just got returned from a holiday to the Maghreb, and now it's solidly back to work.  It feels like summer's over, and indeed my daughter returns from our holiday to find school about to start up again.  

For me, it's not quite like that;  Undergraduate students don't come for another month yet, so it's still the summer for me at work.  I've got a busy month ahead, including, amongst other things, writing exam papers, visiting a student on placement in Virginia, finishing up a paper based on the work of a PhD student who left a couple of years ago, writing up proceedings from my conference in Bulgaria earlier in the summer, prepare for teaching in the forthcoming semester, supervising my postdoc and PhD student and hosting a visit from my ex-postdoc, who is now a visiting fellow here.  Oh, and depending on timing, maybe taking some paternity leave, though that may well fall in the first part of October. 

Still, coffee first.

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