Friday, 26 April 2013

Going to Florence

Every few years, there is a very generically-named international nuclear physics conference, which goes by the name "INPC" - or International Nuclear Physics Conference.  INPC'13 is being held in Florence, and the organisers have seen fit to accept my abstract for a talk.

I noticed earlier in the week that the full programme is up, so I downloaded it to see when I would be speaking.  I've not been to an INPC before, but I was aware that these are huge conferences by nuclear physics standards.   I see from the programme that during the parallel sessions, there are nine concurrent talks going on.  I'm not sure how that will play out for numbers in each of the sessions, and I guess I'll just have to see.  It at least doesn't appear that I am clashing with anything so very similar, so at least those few people who desperately want to see me talk will have no dichotomies.  Or trichotomies and so on.

I've never been to Florence before.  I hear it's nice.  It makes me think of this song by Zoot Money, which I know thanks to my dad's record collection.  It's clearly too obscure to have a YouTube entry, unfortunately, so the link is to Spotify.

Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to going.  The range of talks looks really good, and you can expect me to blog quite a bit from there.  I'll have a little time for sightseeing, so if there are any things you want to suggest that I see, please comment below

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