Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A new, and very specialist blog

I've just written the first post in a somewhat specialist blog set up for the physicists in the department here at the University of Surrey who want to share useful things they have worked out in the gnuplot plotting program.

If any of those words make sense to you, you might like to read it here, and even subscribe to the rss feed.  I don't know how regularly it will get used, but a few different gnuplot users are registered as authorised posters.


  1. I'm a fan of xmgrace, myself. I don't imagine gnuplot is much different?

  2. I used xmgrace for my PhD thesis, but have mostly switched over to gnuplot. They're not much different in some ways, but gnuplot is quite a lot more powerful, but also lacks the pointy-clicky interface of xmgrace. I've been able to get gnuplot to produce nicer and a wider range of plots than xmgrace, so that's more or less why I switched. I certainly don't want to be a plotting program evangelist, though!