Monday, 22 October 2012

Flora and Wagner

This morning, when driving my daughter Flora to school, I felt in a kind mood, and offered that we could stop listening to radio 4 (which she professes to hate, but still asks things about what they say) and suggested radio 2.  She gladly said yes, hoping for music, and indeed we were treated to The Fog on the Tyne (Lindisfarne version, thankfully - though she didn't say anything about the "we can have a wee-wee" line).  After a while she got tired of Chris Evans talking, and asked what was on radio 6 and radio 5, and I tried to explain (and that we couldn't listen to radio 6 or 5 in the car).  I then mentioned radio 3 and that it played classical music, and asked if she wanted to listen.  She said yes. 

It is now her favourite radio station.  When we turned it over, the music playing was Huldigungsmarsch by Richard Wagner.  She was absolutely delighted (having spend the journey thus far complaining about the traffic and how boring the journey was and how long it would take).  "Daddy!  It's like a carousel!  It's like a carousel, isn't it Daddy?" she said,  and we spent the rest of the journey listening to Radio 3.  Every time I turned it down to hear what she was asking, she forgot her question and just told me to turn it back up.  Hopefully this is going to make car journeys more enjoyable for all of us!

Edit: Here's Lindisfarne's Fog on the Tyne:

and here's Wagner's Huldigungsmarsch:

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