Thursday, 16 February 2012

Where to publish, if not CPC?

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the campaign against working - for free - for the commercial publisher Elsevier.  Since I think there are basically sound reasons for doing so, I am attempting to do this.  It is more or less unproblematic for me, since there are good professional-body-run nuclear physics journals.

On the other hand, some collaborators and I are planning to publish a code we have written for use by the wider community.  The only really obvious place to put it is Computer Physics Communications.  It publishes computer code write-ups and has an on-line archive (hosted, ironically, at a UK university, not Elsevier) that is rather stable and would allow people to download it for some time to come.

Does anyone know of any alternatives?  Something like Phys Rev C/E with the code online as supplementary material?

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